When we first met with Heather and Kevin a few months ago about their upcoming April wedding, we knew that they were a very fun couple! As they put it, "we are just a couple of cut ups"!

This past Sunday, we shot their engagement session, and we really got to see just how much of a fun and loving couple they really are!

We started out at Piedmont Park in the late afternoon for some fun shots. It did not take Heather and Kevin long to get into the swing of things, as we followed them about the park.

We found some beautiful sun rays on the stone steps by the tennis courts and found that flare!

Then we ventured to the other side of the parking lot to a secluded area called the "Reading Circle". Seems reading was not on their minds...

Over at the pond we found some ducks and a chance to get playful!

There was this great tree in the park and with a boost from Kevin, Heather tries to pose gracefully on the large branch. It was short lived as we found out that we could photograph the tree but not climb on it.

After a couple of hours at the park, we took a break and enjoyed dinner together at Qdoba. It was fun to get to know each other better. After dinner Heather & Kevin changed into 'party clothes' and we headed Downtown for some sunset shots. This turned out to be a great time to shoot and we got some awesome images for them.

All in all it was a great shoot and there were LOTS of great images, so as usual more of our favorites have been included in the slideshow! (click the image to start the show!)

Heather & Kevin we had such a fun time with the two of you and look forward to your wedding in April, though we have to get together again sooner than that :) I hope you enjoy your images!!!

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    All these images are amazing but my fav is that second shot with the ray of sunlight!

    On 2:21 PM Frank DiMeo said...

    Lots of great images Mike and Catherine!
    That B&W 12th one down though...Wow! Definitely my fav! Beautiful!

    On 3:00 PM Anonymous said...

    Awesome work Mike and Catherine! I agree with Frank though, 11 and 12 are AMAZING!!!!! Totally love them.