We met up with our dear friend Crystal and her fiance Jonathan at the Roswell Mill for their engagement session. It was almost two years ago that we first met Crystal when we made a trip to Savannah to do Trash The Dress sessions in the fountains and streets of Savannah and at the Beach at Tybee Island. Since then, Crystal met Jonathan, the love of her life! Its always a priviledge to photograph for another photographer, and we are so happy to be able to do some engagement photographs for them!

Inside the covered bridge

There was a tree with just the perfect initials carved in it, making for a great shot.

We decided to head down the street for a few more shots at the Big Trees Nature Preserve. The leaves have not really started turning, but the sun filtering through the trees gave us a fun atmosphere.

Jonathan is a musician and brought his guitar and serenaded his beautiful wife to be (and us too!) . We have been spicing up our sessions lately by having the couple bring along something that shows their personality or means something to them. As we wondered the trails, Jonathan was picking and singing as we went and having a lot of fun!

Crystal brought along a prop of her own and it made for a GREAT series of shots!

Crystal and Jonathan, it was great to see you today and it was so beautiful outside! We cant wait for your wedding next week, and as simple as you say it will be, we know that the love that you share will shine and your wedding day will be beautiful!

Well, we told you Jonathan was a musician. He wrote this song for Crystal and they went to Memphis to record it at Sam Philips Sun Studio! Here is their slideshow using Jonathans song for Crystal! We hope you enjoy the slideshow!

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    On 12:33 AM abcdef said...

    Mike & Catherine: Words cannot begin to express my how excited I am. I have tears rolling down my cheeks right now. Tears of happiness. These images are so amazing. You both did an incredible job on the e-session, and capturing the love we have for one another.

    I really LOVE them all, some more than others. The intials on that tree were perfect! One of my favs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the friendship, for the day, and for these wonderful images that we will cherish forever! I can't wait for Jonathan to see these when he gets home.

    On 10:47 AM Anonymous said...

    M & C, such great shots! Y'all really did great and we enjoyed your company. Thank you!

    On 3:16 PM Bentley said...

    Great work guys!

    On 5:57 PM makeupgal said...

    I like the one with the light streaming through the trees hitting the guitar and the couple in the background. (whoo that was a mouthful! A picture is worth a thousand words :P )