Saturday, our good friends Crystal and Jonathan tied the knot in a simple, outdoor ceremony in Carrolton. Having contemplated just running off somewhere exotic and getting married, we are glad they decided to stay close to home with a few family members. This gave us the chance to capture a few images for them before they headed off for Charleston for their honeymoon.

Friday it was raining cats and dogs, and we were wondering how Saturday might be. But as it turned out, it was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding! After dirving around the block numerous times, we finally find the little park where the ceremony will be held. We must have passed this park 5 times and did not realize it! Once we caught up with the couple putting on the final touches for the ceremony.

Here was the first guest to the wedding! He followed us around and even tried to climb in Cat's camera bag and come home with us.

Once the park was decorated, we took Crystal and Jonathan on a short photoshoot starting out on the town square.

This next shot was taken in this great alleyway. Jonathan informed us that this alleyway used to be a building, and in fact it was a barber shop where he used to get his hair cut as a kid. I think they are standing where the barber chair used to be!

When we first got into town, we did some scouting and found this old abandoned caboose sitting on a railway track. When we got inside, we all went WOW at the light coming into this trashed out caboose! (Crystal, can't wait to come back and shoot in it again soon!)

Totally in Love!!!

Almost ceremony time, Crystal freshens up a bit sitting on the park bench!

I think at this point everyone had just about arrived, and Crystal was ready to get things rolling 20 minutes early!

Finally the moment arrived, and you could see the emotion on their faces as they said their vows.

Jonathan's sons were in charge of the rings and 'delivered' them on cue

She was all giddy just before the kiss! I know she was so excited to finally be Jonathan's wife.

on the way "out" Jonathan's mom pelted them with rice she brought along for the occasion.

Jonathan had fun getting his picture taken with the girls... first with Crystal and her mom

then with Crystal and his mom

The new family... Crystal, Jonathan and his boys

Stolen moments... yes we are there even when you don't think we are... stealthy are we...

Instead of a guest book, they had their favorite image from their engagement session matted for their guests to sign, it was a perfect setting to show off their rings. I love what Jonathan's son wrote on it!

Crystal & Jonathan, we hope this ties you over till the rest of the editing is complete. We can't wait to show you the rest so we will have to plan to meet for mexican very soon!

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    On 11:06 AM Steven Kang said...

    you all did a great job with Crystal and Jonathan. They are sweet people and you two are just right sweet people to cover the initmate wedding of Crystal and Jonathan you all are sweet people.

    On 12:15 PM Frank DiMeo said...

    These look great Mike and Cat! What a find the caboose is! I like what you did in there and look forward to seeing what you do if you return to it.

    On 12:13 PM abcdef said...

    Although our ceremony was a short and simple... just as we wanted it, You both did a beautiful job. I can't wait to get the disks. We need to do dinner too. Miss ya!

    On 10:41 PM Sarma & Co. said...

    What a great location the caboose is! Nice light and texture there. Your couple must love that photo.