The End....

... of Summer.

Today was the first day of school for our children. It seems that summer flies faster and faster as the children grow.

It was fun seeing all the kids dressed up with new backpacks and supplies being excited to go on a new adventure. For my friend, Jennifer, it was somewhat of a sad morning as her "babies" went to kindergarten and for the first time in 5 years she had an empty house.

Emma is in the 4th grade this year has gotten a lot taller over the summer and looks to be about a foot taller than her friends, Keirra and Haili who are the same age as she is. I'm afraid she is going to be alot like her mom! (as she is almost up to my shoulders!)

Here are some pictures from this morning as they waited for the buses to take them to school.

The whole crew at the bus stop: Haili, Keirra, DJ, Emma, Kayley, Keegan & Bria

Emma, Haili, Keirra & DJ heading off to Acworth Intermediate School (2nd to 5th grades) with Ms. Woodie who has been the bus driver as long as we can remember.

Bria, Keegan & Kayley heading off to McCall Primary School.

The older boys did not let me take pictures of them, they are TOO old for that mushy stuff. :(
None of kids had homework today, but... I sure did 3 sets of paperwork to fill out for the kids to take back tomorrow, so I had better get to it!


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    On 3:02 PM abcdef said...

    It's hard to believe that school started back this week. Where did the summer go? Cute shots too.

    On 3:22 AM Steven Kang said...

    Great shots. My boy started new school year this Monday also, I just posted now. hahaha.

    On 9:26 AM Jill Higgins said...

    Ohhhh....the excitement of the first day of school! Cute pictures - how cool to have that captured! :)

    On 6:00 PM Anonymous said...

    Bittersweet, the children leaving for school. Great shots. Thanks for the warm welcome on OSP.

    On 12:14 AM Anonymous said...

    Anxiously awaiting the next update...




    ahh...I have at least a few years till this happens! How exciting for you guys!