Family Fun

Summer has been very busy and I am a little late in posting images from the last sessions with one of my favorite families to the blog.

The kids are growing like weeds and baby Lyllia is starting to giggle and scoot. I look forward to our next sessions as she gets mobile.

Jenica's brother and sister came to visit for a few weeks this summer and we managed to get some family photos. Next time they come to visit we'll have to get some more.

Kayla hates having her picture taken, so I saw it as a challenge!!! She is a beautiful young lady as evidenced in the photos below. (She also looks a lot like her sister!)

Here are a few more of my favorite images from the summer sessions.

~ All the girls ~ Mom and daughters ~ Jazlyn ~

~ Lyllia at 5 months ~ Jazlyn "not smiling" for me ~

~ Jenica & Steve ~

Once we were done inside the kids had to take me outside to play... Colin was a good sport and pushed Jazlyn in the swing.

I had a great time and look forward to the next session!!


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    On 1:18 AM Steven Kang said...

    Family, just beautiful.