A Celebration of Love

Every August 1-7 the breastfeeding community celebrates World Breastfeeding Week. The week is designed to celebrate the signing of the Innocenti Declaration on the Protection, Promotion and Support of Breastfeeding. It is celebrated in 120 countries on various dates.

This is a week near and dear to my heart! As some of you may know I am not only a photographer, but a mom who breastfed and a Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I have worked with mothers and babies for almost 10 years and find that some of the same skills I use as a LC relate so well to photographing mothers and their babies.

On July 30th, I had the responsibility and honor of proctoring the board exam for Lactation Consultants here in Atlanta. It was great meeting some of the ladies sitting for their first time as well as those that were sitting for recertification at 10 & 20 years. It was interesting to remember taking the exam 4 years ago as I watched my mentors take the test a 3rd time (they all are recertifying at 20 years).

I wish all the candidates luck and hope to hear in October that ALL of you passed!

In celebration of WBW I have selected some of my nursing pictures from my recent sessions that show babies from just born (baby Lyllia nursing minutes after her birth with her brother watching intently) to almost a year old (Ian carressing his mother's face as he nurses).

I am also offering a special WBW discount for baby sessions booked during this week. Please call the office for more details!!!

Have a great week!


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    On 9:59 AM Steven Kang said...

    Hi Catherine,
    you are involved in some amazing organizations out there. My wife and I have 2 kids and both of them my wife breastfeed over a year each. We think it's good for the baby and also bring that special bonding.
    Beautiful words in your pictures Cat.

    On 2:47 AM Unknown said...

    What great work you do. I may be a guy but I do care about that kind of stuff. I think babies deserve only the best and I think nursing is natural and it should not be looked upon as taboo to do in public or to be shown in photos. Way to go.

    I adopted my kids and sometimes people do not appreciate the ability and blessing to be able breastfeed a child. We would have given anything to have that for our children.

    On 9:09 AM abcdef said...

    These are great and it's so cool that you are getting involved in all these organizations. Everytime I look at your images, they just keep getting better and better. And, I am soooo far behind on my blogging. :-(