Danielle & John

Saturday we had the pleasure of photographing Danielle and John's gorgeous outdoor wedding! We started the day early at Sassy Scissors Salon where we met Danielle for her hairstyle, then off to Belks to have the makeup artist help Danielle and her mother with makeup that would withstand the 98 degree heat of the day!

Once the preparations were complete, we headed out to the beautiful Zion Farms in Rome, Georgia where the wedding would be held. This is a gorgeous 800 acre equestrian farm where Danielle's dream of riding on horseback to her wedding became reality! Complete with bagpipes, a string quartet, unity candles, and a surprise foot washing by her Groom, the ceremony was just beautiful.

After the ceremony, we headed to The Station House for the reception. Danielle and John made their grand entrance and went straight into their first dance, followed by Dad and Daughter and Mother and Groom dances. The evening progressed with great food, cutting of the beautiful wedding cake, toasts, more dances, and finally Danielle and John running for the car after a quick change to catch a few hours sleep before leaving for their honeymoon destination at 5AM!

Danielle and John, we so enjoyed your day and were pleased that we could be a part of your celebration! Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy a sneak-a-peak of your day! Stay tuned in the coming days for more pictures and your slideshow!

(click pictures for larger view)

John & Danielle waiting for the ceremony to begin. They both seem to be in thought over what was to come.

Danielle rode into the ceremony on a beautiful horse appropriately named Johnathan, accompanied by her father.

John planned and surprised Danielle with a foot washing ceremony which was very touching and had Danielle on the verge of tears.

Off to honeymoon in the Bahamas!

The End....

... of Summer.

Today was the first day of school for our children. It seems that summer flies faster and faster as the children grow.

It was fun seeing all the kids dressed up with new backpacks and supplies being excited to go on a new adventure. For my friend, Jennifer, it was somewhat of a sad morning as her "babies" went to kindergarten and for the first time in 5 years she had an empty house.

Emma is in the 4th grade this year has gotten a lot taller over the summer and looks to be about a foot taller than her friends, Keirra and Haili who are the same age as she is. I'm afraid she is going to be alot like her mom! (as she is almost up to my shoulders!)

Here are some pictures from this morning as they waited for the buses to take them to school.

The whole crew at the bus stop: Haili, Keirra, DJ, Emma, Kayley, Keegan & Bria

Emma, Haili, Keirra & DJ heading off to Acworth Intermediate School (2nd to 5th grades) with Ms. Woodie who has been the bus driver as long as we can remember.

Bria, Keegan & Kayley heading off to McCall Primary School.

The older boys did not let me take pictures of them, they are TOO old for that mushy stuff. :(
None of kids had homework today, but... I sure did 3 sets of paperwork to fill out for the kids to take back tomorrow, so I had better get to it!


Family Fun

Summer has been very busy and I am a little late in posting images from the last sessions with one of my favorite families to the blog.

The kids are growing like weeds and baby Lyllia is starting to giggle and scoot. I look forward to our next sessions as she gets mobile.

Jenica's brother and sister came to visit for a few weeks this summer and we managed to get some family photos. Next time they come to visit we'll have to get some more.

Kayla hates having her picture taken, so I saw it as a challenge!!! She is a beautiful young lady as evidenced in the photos below. (She also looks a lot like her sister!)

Here are a few more of my favorite images from the summer sessions.

~ All the girls ~ Mom and daughters ~ Jazlyn ~

~ Lyllia at 5 months ~ Jazlyn "not smiling" for me ~

~ Jenica & Steve ~

Once we were done inside the kids had to take me outside to play... Colin was a good sport and pushed Jazlyn in the swing.

I had a great time and look forward to the next session!!


A Celebration of Love

Every August 1-7 the breastfeeding community celebrates World Breastfeeding Week. The week is designed to celebrate the signing of the Innocenti Declaration on the Protection, Promotion and Support of Breastfeeding. It is celebrated in 120 countries on various dates.

This is a week near and dear to my heart! As some of you may know I am not only a photographer, but a mom who breastfed and a Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I have worked with mothers and babies for almost 10 years and find that some of the same skills I use as a LC relate so well to photographing mothers and their babies.

On July 30th, I had the responsibility and honor of proctoring the board exam for Lactation Consultants here in Atlanta. It was great meeting some of the ladies sitting for their first time as well as those that were sitting for recertification at 10 & 20 years. It was interesting to remember taking the exam 4 years ago as I watched my mentors take the test a 3rd time (they all are recertifying at 20 years).

I wish all the candidates luck and hope to hear in October that ALL of you passed!

In celebration of WBW I have selected some of my nursing pictures from my recent sessions that show babies from just born (baby Lyllia nursing minutes after her birth with her brother watching intently) to almost a year old (Ian carressing his mother's face as he nurses).

I am also offering a special WBW discount for baby sessions booked during this week. Please call the office for more details!!!

Have a great week!