I had the pleasure to meet Sara at Bellies in Bloom in May and am glad that she decided to have me photograph her maternity session.

She and her husband, John, are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first child any day! They have picked out an awesome name for the baby and I can't wait to hear when their little one arrives.

I had a great time with them and they are a fun couple, I know that their new addition will not be lacking in love or laughter. Here are a couple of images from the session. I know they are excited to see so I wanted to post them before I finished the slideshow.

Sara is a glowing mom to be! While they wait on baby they are practicing with this adorable baby monkey, so I had to get a picture for their album! Sara said they had not had a picture taken together since their honeymoon, so here is another for the mantle!

I wish I could remember the comment that caused the image below.... Maybe it is just the shock of knowing that he may never get to watch TV uninterrupted again! :)

Sara & John, I hope you enjoy the preview, best wishes for a smooth delivery!


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    On 10:51 PM Steven Kang said...

    Very nice and elegant shots.
    Great Job.

    On 2:53 PM Unknown said...

    Great pregnancy pictures. love the rich reds you used.


    hahaha that last picture is hilarious!


    These are so cute :) I love the monkey in the carseat! I did that when I was pregnant with my first baby - the carseat was all decked out, ready to go with toys and stuff. It was a little anticlimactic, though, when all she did was sleep in it for the first few months!

    Great photos, as usual! :) :)