My Camp Adventure

The Girl Scouts went "Under the Sea" for Sassafrass Day Camp 2007 and Survived!!! The dreaded rain held off and we had a blast! I even got to spend the night at camp in Falcon's Roost with Emma's unit.

I was the camp photographer and forgot to get a photograph of one important person at camp.... ME! So the only pictures are of me squirting my girl on during our water fun afternoon. Next year I will make sure someone helps me and gets a few of me with my unit!

We had a great time and the girls were so cute! They enjoyed art projects, trips to the lake, watching Emma's unit at archery (they will get to participate next year), the ice cream truck's visit and having a major water fight, culminating in tying up the PA's and a counselor and drenching them! (the girls who collected the most trash go to start the drenching)

On Friday afternoon we closed camp with each unit presenting a skit or song followed by popsicles! Our girls wrote a song to the "Ants Go Marching In" and did so well!

I can't wait till next year, we start planning next year's Hollywood theme in a few weeks.

I put together a slideshow for the girls in my unit with pictures from the week.
Take a look and ENJOY!

~ Cat ~

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