My Lunch Adventure...

I am taking some time "off" this week to be a Girl Scout camp counselor. Camp Sassafrass has gone "Under the Sea" and our activities have involved learning about the lake and water. Today my 'Stingrays' (7 & 8 year olds) went to the lake to find things in the water using Water Snoopers.

After seeing lots of rocks and having Swizzle tell them all about the rocks and finding a few bugs we found ourselves in the way of some wildlife. I wish I had the camera with me when they first joined our group.

After they left us, we decided to have lunch at the lake in the shade before hiking back up to Sunny Hill to do another activity and have our program assistants, Sharpie & Sprite teach us about fire building.

Due to a minor but fun complication with the said wildlife shown in the pictures below, we did not get to finish eating our lunches and we were late getting back to complete our activites today.

These geese had no fear of the girls, though the girls were afraid of them! The girls stayed still and Swizzle and I kept Daddy from getting to them. The only real casualties, were a sock, a pretzel rod (in Daddy's mouth in the picture above), an apple, a granola bar and a peanut butter sandwich. Though if you ask the girls Swizzle single handedly saved them from being attacked! Little did they know if was the Peanut Butter sandwich Emma made me that finally got the geese to head down the beach!

I'll have more pictures from the week to post later. I have to go ready my gear to spend the night at camp tomorrow!

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Kit Kat

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    On 7:24 PM abcdef said...

    These turned out really cute. I'm glad your schedule worked out. Be sure to stop by my blog when you get a chance. I updated, and I have a little something on there for ya!

    On 9:17 AM Jill Higgins said...

    Oh how fun! And how lucky they are to have you snapping away!