We did not know this video had been finished until we found out tonight that it was circulating on YouTube! This was part of our trash the dress extravaganza weekend in the Savannah area. Diana and Davide of Diana Nash Photography were instrumental in orchestrating a number of details for the weekend and we would like to thank them again for all their hard work. While we were shooting the sessions, Davide was following us all around with a video camera, so check it out!


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    On 11:46 PM Steven Kang said...

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your visit to my blog.
    I also thank you for your opinion.
    I hope you visit often.
    TTD is becoming one of the hottest thing ever. It's so cool to see many photographers sticking together and supporting one another. Photography business is 2nd to none.
    Your work is awesome.

    On 2:16 PM abcdef said...

    How funny is this? I just updated my blog too. I added the video and called it: Caught on Tape. I didn't know the video was finished until I did a search the other night for trash the dress and saw it on you tube. I thought they would have at least put a link on OSP. Glad to see it though. Happy Father's Day.