This is Emma again.... On Father's Day we went to Red Top Mountain Park so I could take some pictures of Mom & Dad for their website. I got to use Mom's camera and be a PIT (Photographer in Training). We had lots of fun. I decided that I want to have my own camera and a photography blog too! I like taking pictures and have taken some good ones.

Mom helped me edit some of them to post here. This is my favorite even though they are kissing!

Here are some more of the pictures.


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    On 6:31 PM abcdef said...

    Well, well, well!!! I was going to offer to meet you guys to do a photo shoot, but it looks like some other AMAZING photog has beat me to it. These turned out great, so I guess you want be needing my photography services after all, lol.

    Dinner, drinks and catching up soon!!!

    On 10:02 PM Mike said...

    I think I need to just give my camera to my little PIT! I like the kissing one too!

    On 3:49 AM Unknown said...

    What a nice thing you did for mom and dad! Great photos.


    I hope I can convince my parents to do pics of them.. maybe on their anniversary that's comin up!
    Such cute photos.

    On 1:04 AM Steven Kang said...

    Wow. Great Job Emma.
    There are nothing like family business. God bless you and your parents.


    OH!! How sweet are you two? Love these!

    On 9:05 PM Stacy Cross said...

    Awww.....those are so cute! :) Lovely job with these pictures, Emma.

    On 4:10 PM Shara Lana said...

    This really makes me miss home! We just moved to Charleston from Cartersville last summer and BOY do we miss Red Top!!!!! It is a great place and sounds like you have a great Fam!!! Best to you all!