Baby Gabriel

Mike, the kids and I spent the afternoon at my parent's house on Sunday playing "Crash Test Dummies" for new reciepies for Concept Events (the catering company that they run). My brother, Chris, and his family joined us and I was able to take some photographs of my nephew, Gabriel, who is 2 weeks old.

Here are a few of my favorites:

You can view the slideshow HERE

He is such a cute baby, but does not like getting undressed. We'll have to work on that for the next photo shoot.


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    On 12:29 AM Katherine said...

    OMG! Mike....I love the ring shot in the toes!!!! Great job! YOu are making me itch to have a baby!!!!


    Awwwww what precious pics! You need to post these on OSP! ++


    Love the ring shot!


    Okay, I love the ring on the toes . . .I know that is what everyone else said, but I love it! Great work, adorable baby, too! :)

    On 8:57 PM Shannon said...

    his expression on the second one is perfect. i like how simple the background is, and the b/w choice was perfect.

    On 9:03 AM Anonymous said...

    Beautiful baby! I always stress the importance of documenting the first few months of a baby's life weekly! They change so drastically! I'm sure they absolutely love these.

    On 6:20 PM abcdef said...

    Catherine did a rocking job with the video. I like the ring on the toes too. Great work you guys!