Before the Holidays I had asked my doula and midwife friends to help me find some expectant mothers that wanted to have maternity and baby photographs taken. Jenica is the first of a series of families that I will be following around with my camera this year. She is expecting her 4th baby any day and I am looking forward to photographing her baby's birth.

I had lots of fun photographing Jenica and her family, especially her little daughter who had a hard time giving my blocks back.

Here are a few of my favorites!

There are more in the slideshow



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    On 2:42 PM abcdef said...


    These turned out sooo good! I love the slideshow too. Can't wait to meet you this Sunday.

    On 2:54 PM Anonymous said...

    My girlfriend Heather sent me the link to your website, knowing I would love it. I don't frequently leave comments, but I just have to tell you that I positively love this slideshow. The little girl is such a gorgeous little thing. What a beautiful family and your work is breathtaking to me!