Yesterday our daughter, Emma, had her birthday party. She is turning 9 on Monday and what else would a photographer's daughter want to do at her party, have her picture taken.

She came up with the idea of a "Red Carpet Party" and picked out the decorations from the party store, so I ran with it, scouring the thrift store and my closet for dresses, accessories and jewels. Up went the black velvet backdrop, umbrella flash, and rolled out the red carpet. Our oldest daughter, Tracie and her friend helped me with hair and makeup to get them ready to strut their stuff.

They had a blast posing for Mike as you can see in the slideshow.

Here are some of my favorite pics:



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    On 9:27 PM abcdef said...

    OMG I love them! You did a great job picking out the costumes, and throwing this little red carpet affair together. How fun!!!


    Haha I love it! I can't wait to do something like this for my daughter (she's only two). It's cool that you were supportive for her and found a way to have fun. Nice images!

    On 12:58 PM Peter Chung said...

    Fun! Fun!

    You guys did a great job putting that party together :)



    Wow, what a GREAT idea for a party! I love the group shot. Wait. Did I just say I love a group shot? YES! Perfecto!

    On 4:05 PM Michelle said...

    I love these photos! Sure looked like they were having a fun time!


    How fun! I know they loved that! I sure would have at that age!! :)