Baby Caleb

Melinda & her husband welcomed their first baby on Christmas Eve, what a wonderful gift!

I was thrilled to visit with them on Sunday and photograph 2 week old, Caleb. Mom and Dad had fun showing off with him and all he really wanted to do was eat.

Here are some of my favorites from the session along with a slideshow of more images.

I can't wait till our next session to see how he changes.


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    These images are awesome! I love the slideshow and how you captured so many intimate moments. Caleb is a beautiful baby and your pictures show the love and joy in the family. Thanks for sharing.

    On 12:11 AM abcdef said...

    These are really beautiful shots.

    On 1:13 PM Davina said...

    love the one with the little Caleb on mom's shoulder! And, of course, perfect in black and white!

    On 10:31 PM Anonymous said...

    These are beautiful! The composition is really creative. I love the one with daddy in the background and daddy kissing baby. Just lovely work!