Well, where to start? I have been involved in photography in some form or another for 35 years. Originally, I had this grandios idea to try astrophotography so I talked my parents into getting me a 35mm camera for my 15th Birthday. Of course, as teenagers are, I never got the telescope to go with it, but instead delved into the world of developing my own black and white pictures. To see images form on a piece of plastic film and then enlarged into a printed picture was absolute magic to me!

It was during these years that I began shooting rock concerts, from the edge of my seat, or someone elses, or occasionally from the shoulders of a stranger! I loved the high energy, trying to capture these energized stage moments on film. Then, one day, the promoters decided that cameras were no longer welcome to concerts, sporting events, and the like. By this time, I was now in college, working towards a computer engineering degree, and photography began to take a backseat. I had found software development and loved it! A new, exciting, and different creative outlet - I was on the forefront of the emerging technology of microcomputers, the PC, and home computing.

This has captivated my career now for 26 years, paid the bills, and kept my creativity alive. But photography was always there. A thousand rolls of film or more have buzzed through my cameras over the years, capturing lifes moments of my family, our 5 children, vacations, and countless other subjects. Today, my film days have mostly been replaced with the digital camera, zipping through more pictures than I ever dreamed possible!

But over the past few years, a growing, nagging, feeling that I should have done more than "snap shots" over the past years has been in the forefront of my mind. After much contemplation and prayer, I feel now that the good Lord has been trying to direct me down a path that for many years I pushed aside. Today I am following that path, not knowing where its going, or where it may lead.

Along with my wife Catherine, whose constant encourgement and creative abilities keep me moving day to day, I am finally ready to rock'n'roll this photography idea! Are you ready to rock'n'roll with us? We hope so! We hope you will follow along as we move forward with our photographic endeavors, and as we rewind to some moments of the past for your (and our) enjoyment! And please, dont be bashful, leave us a comment and let us know what you think!


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    On 10:03 AM Catherine said...

    Constant encouragement... it's sometimes more like a shove in the "right" direction! :)

    Thanks for the mention, I guess I'll add my introduction too.


    Wow, I didn't realize you were new to the blog world. It took me a long time to get on board too, but in the few months I've been doing it, it's already paid off great! Have fun, it can get addicting! And thanks for your comments on mine!

    On 7:39 PM Mike said...

    We are indeed new to the blog world! Glad to hear blogging has its rewards. Thanks for stopping by!