Mike's a hard act to follow but an easy one to encourage, support and love. He has been a blessing to me since we met 10 years ago.

I am an artist at heart and have always dabbled in way too much. Blame my mom, she NEVER said don't try it, but pushed me to master what ever I chose to try. My resume is quite interesting to read because I have so been so many things in the last 20+ years, among the favorites and the ones I draw on most are costume designer, stage manager, graphic artist, sales clerk, cake decorator and teacher.

The last 7 years I have worked as a lactation consultant helping mothers learn to nurture their babies and I work with clients as often as I can. I love seeing the interaction between the mother and newborn and have recently begun to photograph them.

A year ago I had a life changing medical crisis that made me realize that our family needed to be my first priority. I had to do something different, to go back to my art roots, work for myself and help Mike realize his dream. (he supported, encouraged and did all he could for me when I was working to become a lactation consultant and while I worked for the practice, being on call 24/7 and working odd hours)

So here we are a year later, I am a consultant for Creative Memories using my talents to showcase my 'snapshots' and family stories and Mike's "Pro Pictures" (some of mine too) using CM's tools and albums! (I also teach my friends & customers to do the same) Mike is pursuing the dream to return to photography and I have even started to pick up the camera more and more! (ask him about calling me "Uncle Bob")

I hope you enjoy the ride with us!

>^. .^<

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    On 10:47 PM Mike said...

    Thank you for coming on the ride with me!!