Baby Carly

Almost 2 weeks ago, I was honored to be part of the arrival of Carly Rose.  She is the third child for my friends Jennifer & Russ.  Due to the hour her big brother and sister were asleep but I hear they were all excited to finally meet their baby sister.

She is so cute and this outfit says it all.... 

After the delivery I let the family get into a routine before I came to visit again with my camera last Friday.  Big brother, Ben, made sure I knew she was 8 days old!  He is so proud of his baby sister and had a big day showing her off to his classmates. 

Here are a few images from the session that completes her Birth Story Package.

Ben helping her play with her baby doll

He's all BOY and full of mischief!

She fills up my big basket and looks so cute sleeping on the cuddly blanket.

Look at her cute belly button and the hand made diaper cover from one of Jennifer's friends.  It has a matching baby doll and looks so cute on her.

watching me take pictures of her cute baby bottom

In Daddy's Hands

Snuggled with Mom

The new parents adjusting well to being parents of 3 and enjoying a quiet moment


hugs & kisses from her big sister, Elly

Here is the long anticipated slideshow.  This session completed the 'Birth Story Session' for the family and the slideshow includes images from all 3 sessions.  Enjoy!

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    just beautiful!!!

    On 5:56 AM Anonymous said...

    I am honored to have the privilege, of sharing in the making of your beautiful memory. Thank you!

    ~~Susan Archer (Covert Lily from MD)

    On 5:49 PM abcdef said... guys have really been busy with baby pics here lately. I love the clothes basket. That was a nice touch.


    These are precious! What a little angel.


    These are moments they will cherish forever!

    On 12:32 AM Sky + Carla said...

    You guys are taking some great baby pics! Thank you for staying in touch.