Last Saturday was the start of Atlanta's annual Festival of Trees, a week-long major fundraising event to benefit Childrens Health Care of Atlanta. This show is comprised of mainly Christmas trees of all sizes and descriptions, which are decorated and donated for auction to help raise funds for different programs. Along with the many hundreds of trees, are Christmas ornaments and other goodies for sale, a gingerbread house showcase, arts and crafts, shows, concerts, carousel, a build-a-bear workshop, and a few other kid activities.

Our youngest daughter was dancing in one of the Christmas dance shows comprised of different dance companies from the area. We spent the morning taking in the sights of all the beautiful and innovative tree decorations, as this was our first time at the event. Emma was on stage at Noon, so we wandered over to watch some of the other dancers before it was her time. Emma always dances with "attitude", and we really enjoyed watching her dance since we have not seen the routine they had been working on the last month. Below are a few pictures from our morning out.

Here are a couple of the cool trees for auction.

Cat took this portrait of Emma and her bear "Vanilla Creme" reflecting in the Christmas ornament! How cool!

One of Emma's dance instructors and her friend. We will be shooting a portrait series for her in the near future.

One of the showcase gingerbread houses. I liked this one since I went to GA Tech when I started college.

(more to follow)

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    Awsome shots. I am spending time looking at everyone's blog and came across yours as well. ATL is awesome, I will be there for Buissink's class. Hope to see you there.

    On 9:36 AM Liana said...

    That has got to be the coolest gingerbread house ever! Happy New Years you two!!!


    Hi Mike and Catherine

    I hope you had a Happy New Years! These are cool images - I love the "Third Day" tree! awesome event for the kids. That gingerbread house looks amazing too. Looks like

    On 12:57 AM Mike said...

    Charles, dont know if I will make Joe's class or not, if I do, I'll be looking for you!
    Liana, it was a cool house, and there were plenty of others that were so well done!
    Greg, the trees were incredible, but that one really struck me! Thanks all for stopping by! Hopefully we wont be such blog-slackers in the new year!