Over Thanksgiving we trekked to Virginia to visit Cat's brother and his family, and of course we brought our cameras along.    Having teenagers, we decided to work on our "Senior Session" offerings by taking the kids out for an urban grunge session.  

Driving around the small town we found a couple of great, distressed warehouse areas that provided an awesome backdrop for some grungy shots with attitude. 

Our niece, Casey, had a great time modeling for us.  She can't wait till we come back over the Christmas break so she can model again!  I need to find a cool dress for her to trash while we are there!  Here are some of our favorite pics of her.  

Our son, Colin, was not really along to model, but was a good sport and we were able to get some cool shots of him as well. He really fits in well with the grungy locale.

Enjoy the slideshow!  We had such a fun afternoon with the kids and look forward to our next 'playtime'.

We have to make a note here... Some of the images were taken by our 'Photographer in Training', our 10 year old daughter Emma! She will soon be giving us a run for our money! You can see some of her photo projects on her blog Picture Girlz

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    On 11:11 PM abcdef said...

    LOVE the grunge photos. What a cool concept and you know the teens love them.