Heather & Jonathan

Labor Day weekend - college football games, bar-b-ques, three days off work, and Heather and Jonathan's beautiful wedding in Monroe! In the short time that we have known these two, it has really been a blessing to see just how much in love they are! The wedding day completely revolved around their ceremony, as Heather put it, "thats what its all about"! What great words of wisdom when its so easy to get caught up in all the celebration that goes with it.

It was early Saturday morning, and we left out extra early, as we did not know how much Georgia Bulldogs football traffic there would be on our way to meet Heather and her bridesmaids at Roxy's hair salon. Between 3 stylists the girls were prettied up in record time and we were off to the church.

Heather's bouquet was beautiful with hydrangeas and white roses. The bridesmaid's had similar ones to hers.

After we got the girls dressed it was time for the "Shoe Shot" on the steps of the church. A special request from Heather! We love having artsy couples who let us play during the day!

The guys we as excited as the girls to get on with the show...

Just before walking into the church, Jonathan & the minister synchronize their watches...

Heather and her grandfather share a special moment just before entering the church

We all knew that Heather was going to be teary when she saw Jonathan waiting on her at the alter. I love that he was as moved as she was.

The church was wonderful and had a balcony, great for getting great overall shots of the ceremony and catching moments that the bride & groom don't get to see.

After communion, Jonathan leaned over and whispered something to Heather, being in the balcony afforded us the opportunity to capture this tender moment.

Heather and Jonathan personalized their vows and there were touching and funny moments in each of theirs.

The Kiss! We know she's in love with this "foot-poppin" kiss :)

As they were exiting the church, Heather was super excited. Some of her clients were in the balcony and she waved her bouquet in the air at them!

Heather & Jonathan are such fun clients and their wedding party was up for fun pictures!

One of our favorite detail shots is always the rings, and finding fun ways to show them off. This time we used a bouquet for fantastic backdrop.

The cake was a beautiful creation and featured their initials in the decoration. It tasted wonderful :) as did the chocolate grooms cake!

The reception was full of fun and tender moments. The first dance as a married couple, a dance with their parents, cake cutting and more!

Heather & Jonathan opted for a guest book made with images from their engagement session and had a helper make sure it made the rounds of each table at the reception so everyone could add their well wishes in it for them. Heather's sister adds her note to the book...

Heather's sister and Jonathan's brother toasted the couple with stories about growing up with them and tributes to their relationship.

Even one of the little guests decided to add her comments...

A few weeks before the wedding, we had talked with Heather and Jonathan to see if they wanted to do a private photoshoot before they headed out on their honeymoon, and they were completely game for this idea! We met them in downtown Monroe after they left the reception for a few quick pictures. Talk about fun!

There were so many great images, we've put our favorites into their slideshow... Enjoy!


Heather & Jonathan, we had a great time with you and wish you all the best. Hopefully we'll get together at your new home soon.

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    On 11:52 AM Unknown said...

    The pictures, of course, turned out great. You two caught some great moments.

    Heather and I can't thank you enough for your time and your artistic touch.

    On 12:52 AM Em said...

    love that shoe shot - very cool.

    On 8:31 PM Sarma & Co. said...

    ditto on the shoe shot!!!

    On 12:39 AM abcdef said...

    WOW!!! That bouquet, church and shoe shot are my favs. What a great idea for shoes. Hmmmm....I'm gonna have to remember that. ;-)