I always love when new stuff comes in! Our delivery this week contains two great new offerings we have for our clients. The first is the new Modern Book, a blend of both a traditional wedding album and a coffee table book. This album features nice heavy heirloom quality lay-flat pages in a flush mount digital page layout. The second goodie of the day is our new lay-flat page guest sign-in book. Utilizing stiff lay-flat pages, these are sure to be a hit both in durability and beauty for our couples. Here are some pictures of these great new products!

This is a picture of both, the sign-in book is in the foreground and the Modern Book album in the background (click pictures for a larger view).

This is the lay-flat guest book.

The new Modern Book!

We are excited to offer these new products to you! We are always evaluating new products to bring you the best quality at the best prices so that you have choices that match your personality and desires.

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    Those books look way elegant and the designs look great!

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