This past Sunday we photographed the wedding of Rachel and Stan at the beautiful Flint Hill Plantation in Norcross, GA. The ceremony and reception were well attended by many family members and friends, and it was obvious of the awesome relationship that Stan and Rachel hold with all of them!

We started the day early, catching up with Rachel and all the girls at the Norcross Hilton where they began hair and makeup before heading for Flint Hill. The atmosphere was light hearted with much laughter, singing, and fun throughout the afternoon.

Stan sent Rachel a card before the wedding, with a love note and a gift certificate from their favorite Tattoo Shop.

While the girls were getting ready, I took a little break and found the guys at the Hampton Inn around the corner. The guys were hanging loose, relaxing, and watching TV while they waited for their time to get ready. They were still hanging out when I had to leave to meet up with Catherine who was with the girls as they headed for Flint Hill for final wedding preparations and pictures before the evening ceremony.

Rachel and the girls dressed in the Brides Room in the Inn that featured a great mirrored wall and vintage touches. Rachel looked stunning in her dress and beautiful lace jacket made by one of her bridesmaids.

After a few portraits it was time for the ceremony. Rachel and her father headed down the isle to "Rachel's Waltz" composed by her father.

Stan & his groomsmen hammed it up for us and made for some great pictures.

Rachel & the lovely bridesmaids, which included her sisters Emma, Hannah and Abigail who are as beautiful and fun as Rachel. (Catherine had such fun laughing with all of you)

Little Madison, Stan's neice, was so cute and was happy to pose for us a few times. This is one of my favorites.

Rachel & Stan had a beautiful cake, decorated in blue and chocolate.

The grooms cake was a wonderful chocolate tower adorned with berries. At the suggestion of the Wedding Director, the best man helped Stan cut it making for some fun.

The Garter! (we're not sure what Stan said to her, but it sure surprised her!)

Getting ready to throw the bouquet to the waiting single girls...

Stan & Rachel share quiet moment, in the wonderfully decorated reception tent, that looked like a modern lounge decorated in white.

You can just feel the love that these two share. It was so wonderful to watch them together.

Making their escape at the end of the night through a mess of bubbles

One last kiss for the crowd and then off in the night, finally being alone to savor their first night as a married couple.

Rachel & Stan, we hope that you enjoyed this little preview.
You can see more in the slideshow (click here to view). We look forward to hearing all about your honeymoon and showing you the rest of the images from your special day.

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    On 7:51 AM Anonymous said...

    Cute couple - love the car shot!


    i really like how you shot this wedding! beautiful pictures!! i love the tattoos, so fun!!!


    On 10:07 AM Jill Myers said...

    I LOVE that close shot of the bride laughing that shows her back tat. Very nice!

    On 1:05 PM Sarah said...

    beautiful photos


    Beautiful images, you captured the bride and grooms wedding day wonderfully! Great moments, love her tattoo this bride should be a model.

    On 12:56 PM Anonymous said...


    Great job. Looks like everyone had fun. Love the tatoo and the bride looking over her shoulder. Great color.

    On 9:19 AM Jaci Clark said...

    Gorgeous images!! And just all around beautiful wedding! I love the guys hanging out watching TV! Fun!


    On 12:07 PM rowena said...

    You guys ROCK! Always an inspiration to me whether with photos or how you run your business. And these images are no exception, gorgeously captured!


    Love the image with the "true love" tats! :) ~Airika

    On 4:26 PM Anonymous said...

    I have to say those are some GREAT shots. :-D I love the tattoos coming out of the brides sleeves, they are so cool! :-D Also, her hair is awesome.

    Wish I could have shot that one! :)


    On 4:53 AM Anonymous said...

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