Jackson Turns One!

I met Jackson and his mom, Dee, at Elyse's Birthday Party last year.  It was fun photographing his birthday and meeting his family and friends.  He has amazingly blue eyes and a bright smile which he kept me on my toes trying to capture.  Here's one of my favorite images of him as he was crawling into his play house.

Daddy gets a new hairstyle, compliments of the Birthday Boy!

The "smash cake" lived up to it's name as he dug into it and ENJOYED!

Walking with Mom before the party got started.

Grandpa gets some attention while Jackson tries to hide from my camera.

The family including Jackson's Grandparents and Great Grandparents who came to celebrate.

Mom, Dad & Jackson

You can see more of the party including the cutest Thomas the Train Cake ever in the slideshow by clicking HERE.



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    That smile is just adorable and it's so much fun to see them eat the cake. It can be a mess but it's totally worth it!

    Jackson is SO cute!


    The cake on the face is just priceless. I love the daddy with his baby made hairstyle. So sweet.

    On 10:29 PM Jaci Clark said...

    WOW, great stuff! What a doll he is! And what a great job you did photographing this milestone. Mom and dad are probably thrilled!



    Great Shots! My favorite is the first one. I love the blog, and website!

    On 1:41 AM Anonymous said...

    I really love these pictures of the little guy - Very Well done.
    Love the idea of doing the 1 year birthday documentation - cool stuff!


    that first shot of the little guy is awesome. nice composition. nice work!