She Said Yes

Today was a very special day for a very special couple. Kevin has been planning on asking Bonnie to marry him for some time, and planned a very special moment to ask "Will You Marry Me?". The city of Acworth has this electronic sign on Main Street and he arranged for it to be programmed to help him propose this afternoon.

Kevin brought Bonnie to the sign to look at some landscaping.... and I am there to capture things as they unfold, paparazzi style. Looks like the fireworks tonight will be REALLY special for this couple!

To view the slideshow of the moments as they unfolded CLICK HERE

We knew they would be at the Fireworks tonight celebrating, so we surprised them there with the first showing of their slideshow which surprised and delighted Bonnie and Kevin, Kevin's parents, and friends.

Catherine & I can't wait for their wedding next April!

Congratulations Bonnie and Kevin!

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    On 1:33 AM Steven Kang said...

    You did a great job. all the emotions, you didn't miss any moment. In The Moment logo sure fits you two. or is it officially you three now?

    On 6:45 PM Anonymous said...

    Nice job Mike (and Catherine), That is such a great story!!

    On 6:47 PM Anonymous said...

    that was me :)

    On 10:35 PM abcdef said...

    Man!!!! I'm such an emotional sap these days. That one brought tears to my eyes...honestly!!! Great job on capturing the moment, you two!


    Wow.... I got teary eyed too!!
    I love the hand over her mouth shots.. that's what got my faucet goin:)

    I've heard of people doing the paparazzi-type shoots for engagements... I really hope I get to do one some day. As long as the couple wouldn't hear me sobbing behind the bushes, haha! jk.

    On 12:07 AM Unknown said...

    I love this idea but never get to get those shots. I wish they would invite me to the resterant and get those proposal shots and have dinner with them.. Very cool shots.


    Oh, how CUTE!!!! I wanna do one of these :) You did a great job capturing it - they're gonna love these photos forever!