Importance of Family

Mike and I were honored to be asked to photograph the Savage-Taylor Family Reunion's Banquet. One of the organizers was Emma's teacher last yesr, Mr. Daryl Weathers.

This family reunion dinner was such fun, it was just part of the weekend's activities. The evening was part awards banquet, education and celebration and as every good family reunion included food, hugs and laughter. The message of the evening, "never ever give up on your dreams".

As we watched the evening unfold, we were very impressed by the love, togetherness, and sense of purpose this family exhibited.

We put the images together in a slideshow that you can view HERE and following are a few of my favorite images.

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    You really captured everyone having a great time! I love shooting any event where people are enjoying themselves!

    On 1:55 AM Steven Kang said...

    talk about complete documentation. Great job you two.


    Thanks so much, Mike!