Last night Catherine finished Danielle and John's wedding slideshow. We had lots of pictures from this wedding as we shot for over 12 hours on their wedding day. With this many images, we made the most of it with this awesome two song slideshow! John and Danielle had decided to meet prior to the ceremony so we could take advantage of all the picture taking opportunities afforded by the beautiful Zion Farms where the wedding was held. Click here to view the slideshow.

Danielle and John, your wedding was just awesome and we have had so much fun working with you! Hope you enjoy your slideshow and can't wait to start working on your album! And we cant end this post with out thanking our friend and awesome photographer Ricki Chester who came and shot with us for part of the day. We had a blast!

We've been tagged

Well we've been tagged and so we'll play and you'll learn a bit about us...

1. Post these rules before you give you the facts.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. At the end of your post, choose (tag) someone and list their name (linking to their page).
4. Leave them a comment on their blog letting them know they've been tagged!

So here goes!!!

  1. Cat was a Costume Designer for a professional theatre company
  2. Cat went to elementary school in the Philippines and her mother took her to Hong Kong for her 10th birthday! (Emma will have to settle for a trip closer to Atlanta)
  3. Cat is a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and used to teach parenting and breastfeeding classes for Babies R Us, she is also a published author, having written two books on breastfeeding.
  4. Cat is still a Girl Scout. She also earned every Junior and Cadette badge available and is a Gold Award recipient. She has been a leader for the last 4 years. She loves crafts, horses and camping.
  5. We met on the internet in 1996 and our first date was following a 4 hour long distance phone call even though we lived 5 miles from each other!
  6. Our favorite movies are Legends of the Fall, Highlander and Tombstone
  7. Mike is NOT a morning person! And Cat is up at the crack of dawn ready to face the world. Thankfully only one of the kids is like her!
  8. Mike started taking pictures and developing them in the darkroom when he was 16 (Cat was in Kindergarten at the time and was more interested in dolls, it would be 6 more years beore she got her first camera a Vivitar with 110 cartridge film)

Tag to the following friends mthree studio, Picture Girlz, Rodolpho Aroria lets see what you've got to surprise us with!

>^..^< ~Cat~


I had the opportunity to photograph baby Aleksandr last week. He was such a cute little boy and like a rough and tumble little one, he scratched his nose just before the session. I so remember one of our boys doing a similar thing!

It was a fun way to spend my Friday morning and I really enjoyed meeting the family. Here are some of my favorite images from the session.

The rest are in the slideshow found here.


A year ago Mike & Emma went camping and left me alone for the weekend... and I "stole" Mike's camera. (See Last Year's Post) Well a year later and the ride has been amazing as you can see in the blog posts since then!

Mike & Emma are celebrating Mike's Birthday (9/15) in the woods Father-Daughter Camping at Misty Mountain leaving me alone with my camera again.

This year I volunteered with friends at The Great Lake Allatoona Clean-Up capturing the story of the day instead of being a cleaner (Our Brownie troop cleaned last year and it was a blast!)

Voliunteers spent the morning cleaning debris from the lakeshore along Lake Allatoona. We were at Dallas Landing most of the morning with a group of Boy Scouts that camped there the night before and were finding some interesting things, chairs, a boat anchor and tires along with cans, bottles and plastic bags.

Once the cleaning was done the volunteers were treated to a picnic at Allatoona Dam. They had lunch served by local Boy Scouts, learned about water conservation and why we need to keep our lakes clean. Then a DJ got everyone energized, dancing & playing!

There was a competition for the Weirdest Treasure Found while cleaning, there were some great entries, a cell phone, broom, fish skeletons and this item...

The winners were a vintage beer can (do you remember straight sided cans with pull tabs?), a LARGE chain link from some huge equipment, and the first place winner, the mattress! The girls who found the mattress won a DVD player and were EXCITED!

There were also give aways from local businesses including the one every kid wanted a Kyak that a local Girl Scout won. It was a great day and Connor had fun being my assistant and even took some pictures.

I put together a slide show of the day - Take a look and enjoy!

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Happy Birthday Noah!

My friend Noah turned 3 yesterday. On Saturday he had a party at the park on our street.

The park was filled with kids and laughter as they played on the playground, tried to catch bubbles, got 'tattoos' and feasted on cupcakes that Emma & I made.

I could not resist taking my camera and catching some moments! Here's some of my favorites. The rest can be found here.

Emmalee trying to catch the bubbles!

Noah being shy

Noah licking frosting off the candle...

The candle after the licking... he bit the end off the candle!!

Emmalee hamming it up for me. Thankfully the blowers were silent or we would have had a headache :)

Enjoy the rest of the cupcakes gang, we'll see you soon!


Well the official end to summer has come and gone! The last family session of the summer was for our friend Amy and her kids, Emmalee and Noah. The photos from this session are a birthday present for her husband, Jim and showcase the personalities of their kids perfectly.

Emmalee is quite the ham, and seems to know when the camera is upon her and loves to "smile for the camera", thankfully her brother distracted her and we got some great images of her playing instead of posing.

Noah is a bundle of energy not unlike one of our boys and we had fun remembering our kids at this age. He did not want to sit still or pose for us at all, the ladder and slide were way too interesting.

Enjoy your slideshow guys! Click Here To View

I'm looking forward to Noah's party on Saturday (stay tuned for party pics) and Jim's on Sunday (I can't wait to see Jim's reaction to his surprise!)